[ DRINK: ] Wine Profile – Castano Hecula

Wine this good at a price this low just doesn’t seem possible. But this is the story of Bodegas Castano – a family winery situated in a quiet corner of southeastern Spain, where spinning out improbable wine values is part of the Castano family’s DNA. The product of old vines, Spanish sunshine and one family’s obsession with showcasing a local indigenous grape called Monastrell. Discover the magic of Monastrell – and the Castano family’s passion for producing some of the greatest value red wines you can find, anywhere.

Bodegas Castano Hecula is a red wine produced from dry-farmed very old vines Monastrell vineyards in D.O. Yecla. This mid-weight red is made for everyday drinking – both for its versatility with food as well as for its refreshing and balanced nature. In each glass of Castano Hecula you will discover a complex array of red and black fruit flavours with a distinctive peppery spice framing it all beautifully.

This wine is somewhat mindful of a classic French Cotes-du-Rhone for its ability to shift shapes and work with diverse flavours – everything from burgers, chops and steaks off the BBQ through to pizza and pasta, or even with vibrant Mexican flavours like tacos and braised meats.

And now for the best news of all – this wine is one of the best value reds you’ll find anywhere! For less than $15 per bottle you can drink like royalty – and why wait? To help get your juices flowing, here are a few dynamite recipes to consider eating with your next bottle of Castano Hecula.

Food Matches & Recipes:

Lamb Meatballs w/ Goat Cheese Tzatziki
Egg-Yolk Stuffed Burger w/ Bacon & Smoked Thousand Island Dressing
Pizza w/ Sliced Steak, Caramelized Onions & Balsamic Tomato Sauce